Our Safety and Environmental Goals

With more than 12 million hours worked for more than seven years, SOFEC has an unrivaled safety record with zero environmental incidents and zero work-related fatalities.

SOFEC strives for Zero Loss Incidents because all work-related incidents are preventable with effective safety, health, and environmental policies, procedures, and practices.

To achieve this high standard, SOFEC commits to:

  • Provide health, safety, and environmental frameworks to exceed health, safety, and environmental set by OSHA, the Oil and Gas Producers (OGP), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and numerous others
  • Ensure all employees and subcontractors are trained and understand their health, safety, and environmental responsibilities, including STOP WORK authority
  • Diligently prevent all loss incidents and maintain effective emergency preparedness, response, and recovery programs
  • Identify, analyze, and effectively manage all risks arising from SOFEC activities
  • Actively protect the environment in our areas of work by preventing pollution while promoting the efficient use of energy and natural resources

Our health, safety, and environmental performance is monitored, reviewed, and reported against set objectives and targets dedicated to continual health, safety, and environmental performance improvement.

Our Experience

As the industry experts, we offer safe, reliable, and innovative mooring and fluid transfer systems for global offshore energy companies operating further offshore, in deeper waters and in harsher environments than considered possible only a few years ago.

SOFEC’s industry firsts around the globe include:

  • The largest internal turret installed in 835 meters water depth with 34 risers and umbilicals (Brazil, 1997)
  • The largest and most sophisticated disconnectable internal turret in the world (Newfoundland, 2001)
  • The world’s deepest disconnectable turret for the BHBP Stybarrow Field (Australia, 2007)
  • The largest external turret in the world with 27 risers and umbilicals (Brazil, 2013)
  • The largest tower yoke in the world (China, 2013)
  • Delivery of 5 CALM Buoy System Projects for 3 separate clients in Algeria (2006), Mexico (2014) and Nigeria (2019).
  • The first disconnectable tower yoke for vessels operating in a hurricane prone area in Mexican waters (Gulf of Mexico, 2021)


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