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Mooring Systems - Tower Yoke

PGN FSRU Lampung Tower Yoke - Indonesia
FSO Gagak Rimang - Indonesia
FPSO HYSY113 - China
FSO Kome-Kribi 1 - Cameroon
FPSO Bohai Shi Ji - China

Tower Yoke Mooring System are a cost effective and reliable solution for permanently mooring FSO/FPSO's in shallow water.

This single point mooring system includes a "soft yoke" for mooring a vessel directly to a fixed tower. A turntable is fastened to the tower with a roller bearing to allow the vessel to freely weathervane about the tower. A yoke is connected to the turntable with pitch and roll joints to allow the vessel to pitch and to roll.

The yoke includes a large ballast tank filled with water to provide the necessary restoring force to minimize vessel motions. The two mooring links suspend the tank from a support structure mounted on the vessel.

Product is transferred from the tower across swivels located on the turntable and through hoses from the turntable to the vessel. Ample deck space is available on the tower for manifolding, pigging, and auxiliary equipment. Access to the tower can be made along walkways from the vessel across the yoke. The Tower Yoke Mooring System is proven technology and is applicable for mooring a vessel when water depths are too shallow for an external turret. SOFEC Tower Yoke Mooring Systems can be mounted on the bow or the stern of converted tankers or new-built vessels.

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