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Mooring Systems - Spread Mooring

FPSO Cidade de Santos MV20 - Brazil
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FPSO Cidade Rio de Janeiro MV14 - Brazil
FPSO Kizomba B - Angola
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FPSO Langsa Venture MV8 - Indonesia

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SOFEC Spread Mooring Systems utilize four groupings of anchor legs, normally arranged in a symmetrical pattern, attached to the bow and stern of the vessel. This style of mooring maintains the vessel on location with a fixed heading. Thus, its application is dependent on a site where the prevailing severe weather is highly directional.

Spread moorings can be used in applications requiring long service life, in any water depth, and on any size of vessel. Since the vessel is held essentially at a constant heading, the requirement for a turret structure with a large capacity slewing bearing, as well as the associated swivel stack for fluid, gas, chemical, hydraulic power, electrical power and control transfer is not needed. Virtually all types of anchor leg configurations can be used with this system.>/p>

Typically, risers and control umbilicals are located amidships on both sides of the vessel. This arrangement provides ample room to accommodate a large number of risers and umbilicals. In applications with highly directional prevailing weather, the shuttle tanker offloading facilities are typically located at the stern or the bow; other deepwater applications may require a dedicated buoy terminal for cargo transfer.

 Uses traditional shipboard mooring equipment
 Turret structure and bearing are not needed
 Fluid and gas swivels are not needed
 Electrical power and control swivels are not needed
 Easily accommodates a large number of risers and umbilicals
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