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From a feasibility study to the fast-track completion of an FPSO for ultra-deepwater application, SOFEC finds new and innovative ways of meeting customer requirements. SOFEC engineers are expert in developing advanced, cost-effective solutions while considering the practical requirements imposed by the fabrication, transportation, installation, and maintenance of these large mechanical systems in a complete range of ocean environments. State-of-the-art hydrodynamic analysis along with FEA and fatigue analysis based on results of both frequency and time-domain simulations are used to predict mooring system motions and environmental forces. Verification comes from in-situ results and extensive model basin testing.

SOFEC scope includes:
Conceptual Design
Concept Performance Analysis
Structural / Mechanical Component Design & Analysis
Seafloor Foundation Design & Analysis
Final Design & Classification
Manufacture & Assembly
Installation & Supervision

SOFEC develops engineering designs to detect, control and mitigate health, safety & environmental risks associated with its marine terminals and floating systems:
Hazardous Area Classification and Ventilation Systems
Emergency Relief and Venting Systems
Emergency Warning and Communication Systems
Emergency Disconnect Systems
Fire, Gas and Smoke Detection Systems
Safety Interlock, Trip and Shutdown Systems
Fire Prevention and Protection Systems
Pollution Prevention and Environmental Protection Systems

SOFEC routinely carries out formal safety and reliability assessments to demonstrate that hazards with the potential to cause a major accident have been identified, and that the risks to people, property and the environment have been evaluated and adequately controlled:
Hazard Identification (HAZID, Hazard & Operability Studies, Failure Modes & Effects Analysis)
Risk Evaluation (consequence modeling, event frequency modeling, quantitative risk analysis)
Emergency System Survivability & Reliability
Smoke & Gas Ingress
Fire & Explosion
Escape, Evacuation, & Rescue
Safety Integrity Level
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