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Mooring Systems - Tower Yoke

PGN FSRU Lampung Tower Yoke - Indonesia

SOFEC designed, constructed, and fabricated HOEGH Tower Yoke Mooring which is a development of a LNG Floating Storage and Regasification Unit [FSRU] and associated facilities to be located near Labuhan Maringgai, Indonesia. The facility consists of a 20km offshore pipeline extending from the shore and terminating at a Single Point Moored (SPM) FSRU by means of the Tower Yoke Mooring System. The SOFEC Tower Yoke Mooring system will be DNV classed.
General Description
Location: Lampung Field, Indonesia
Client Name: Hoegh LNG
Contract Awarded: November  2012
Installation Date: May 2014
Application: LNG
Water Depth: 23.1 m (75.8 ft)
First Oil: July 2014
Vessel Type: FSRU
Storage Capacity: 170,000 m3
Fabrication: Jacket, Production Module, Yoke, MSS and Link Arms - China
Topsides and Vessel - S. Korea
Region: Asia Pacific
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