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Mooring Systems - Spread Mooring

FPSO Langsa Venture MV8 - Indonesia

SOFEC designed and supplied the spread mooring anchor lines, on-vessel chain support and installation equipment for the 35,000 dwt MV8 Langsa Venture FPSO for Matrix Oil.

The ABS classed, SOFEC spread mooring is an eight leg system in 100m water depth. The MODEC converted FPSO is in the Langsa fields, offshore North Sumatra in the Malaccan Straits.

General Description
Location: Langsa Field, Indonesia
Client Name: MEDCO MOECO Langsa Ltd.
Contract Awarded: March  2001
Installation Date: November 2001
Water Depth: 100m (328ft)
Tanker Size: 35,000 dwt
First Oil: November 2001
Vessel Type: MODEC Converted FPSO
Storage Capacity: 270,000 bbls
Fabrication: Vessel - Singapore
Topsides - Singapore
Region: Asia Pacific
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