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Mooring Systems - Internal Permanent Turret

FPSO Nan Hai Sheng Li - People's Republic of China

SOFEC designed, constructed, and installed an internal permanent turret mooring system for the MODEC converted 140,000 dwt Nan Hai Sheng Li FPSO.

The permanent turret mooring system installed in the FPSO enable the tanker to remain on station during 100-year typhoon conditions characterized by wave heights up to 13.2m, currents more than 3 knots, and 87 knot winds. The Liuhua 11-1 field is located in Typhoon Alley offshore, southeast Hong Kong, PRC. The FPSO has a design life of 15 years.

The dual toroidal swivel system on this FPSO, as well as the piping and riser systems, was designed for H2S service.

In September 1996, the eye of Typhoon Sally passed within one kilometer of the FPSO. Typhoon Sally was classed as a "Super Typhoon" in the South China Sea. Although the environmental conditions exceeded the 100-year design environment criteria, the MODEC converted FPSO, its turret and mooring system received no reportable damage.

This SOFEC internal permanent turret mooring system is ABS classed.

General Description
Location: Liuhua 11-1 Field, People's Republic of China
Client Name: Amoco Orient Petroleum Company
Contract Awarded: July  1993
Installation Date: March 1996
Water Depth: 305m (1,000ft)
Tanker Size: 140,000 dwt
First Oil: April 1996
Vessel Type: MODEC Converted FPSO
Storage Capacity: 650,000 bbls
Fabrication: Turret - Japan
Vessel - Singapore
Region: Asia Pacific
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