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Mooring Systems - Internal Permanent Turret

FPSO Petrobras P34 - Brazil

SOFEC designed and constructed an internal permanent turret for a deepwater FPSO installed on the Barracuda and Caratinga fields offshore Brazil. The FPSO is located in 835m water depth becoming, at the time of installation, the world's deepest FPSO system.

The turret system is designed to accommodate 34 flexible risers and umbilicals, at that time, the largest number of risers ever handled by a tanker-based FPSO and the largest number of flowpaths ever to be manifolded in an internal turret system.

The turret design is based upon a turret shaft supported by a large diameter roller bearing at the FPSO's main deck allowing ready access to inspection and maintenance. Catenary risers are routed to periphery of turret shaft to reduce congestion. The six-path fluid swivel includes production, test, gas lift, gas export, and hydraulic control. The turret uses a six-leg symmetric catenary polyester/chain mooring system. The P34 is the first FPSO to utilize polyester.

This SOFEC permanent internal turret mooring system is classed with Lloyd's Register of Shipping.

General Description
Location: Barracuda and Caratinga Fields, Brazil
Client Name: Petroleo Barsileiro S.A. - Petrobras
Contract Awarded: February  1995
Installation Date: July 1997
Water Depth: 835m (2,739ft)
Tanker Size: 50,000 dwt
First Oil: September 1997
Storage Capacity: 340,000 bbls
Fabrication: Lower Turret Module - Texas USA
Manifold Deck - Louisiana USA
Upper Turret Structure - Brazil
Region: Americas
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