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Mooring Systems - Internal Disconnectable Turret

FSO Nan Hai Sheng Kai - People's Repulic of China

SOFEC designed and constructed a disconnectable internal turret mooring system to moor a MODEC converted 121,361 dwt FSO vessel in the typhoon alley area offshore People's Republic of China.

An internal disconnectable turret mooring system was chosen so that the FSO can disconnect and sail to safe harbour as typhoons approach. The FSO could then return to the field and reconnect after the typhoon has passed.

This SOFEC disconnectable internal turret mooring system is ABS classed.

General Description
Location: Lufeng 13-1 Field, People's Repulic of China
Client Name: JHN Oil Company
Contract Awarded: February  1992
Installation Date: August 1993
Water Depth: 141m (463ft)
Tanker Size: 121,361 dwt
Vessel Type: MODEC Convered FSO
Storage Capacity: 880,000 bbls
Fabrication: Turret - Japan
Vessel - Signapore
Topsides - Singapore
Region: Asia Pacific
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