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Mooring Systems - External Turret

FSO UOTE - Brazil

SOFEC will design, construct, fabricate and deliver an external mooring system for the FSO UOTE. The FSO is part of the Petrobras Offshore Crude Terminal located in the Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil. The offshore crude terminal consists of two CALM buoys and a turret moored FSO unit with tandem mooring for shuttle tankers. The FSO UOTE is located in 75 meters water depth and is designed to withstand the extreme environmental conditions with return periods up to 100 years, with a passive, weathervaning external turret mooring system.

The SOFEC external mooring system will be ABS classed.

General Description
Location: UOTE Field, Brazil
Client Name: Tanker Pacific Offshore Terminals, Pte. Ltd.
Contract Awarded: January  2012
Installation Date: Planned for August 2013
Water Depth: 75m (246ft)
Tanker Size: 391,800 dwt
First Oil: Planned for September 2013
Vessel Type: FSO
Storage Capacity: 339,200 bbls
Region: Americas
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