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Mooring Systems - External Turret

FSO Ta'Kuntah - Gulf of Mexico - Mexico

The FSO Ta'Kuntah is a MODEC converted 357,000 dwt ULCC tanker with a SOFEC external turret mooring system, flexible risers connecting to the single point mooring cargo piping to the PLEM on the seabed, and an offloading system which allows the FSO Ta'Kuntah to offload tandem, side-by-side, and even simultaneously.

Since operations began in 1998, the FSO Ta'Kuntah has offloaded more than one billion barrels of oil in the first ten years of operations without any instance of oil pollution and "zero" downtime.

FSO Ta'Kuntah is located in a hurricane prone area. In two instances, partial crew evacuation was carried out due to hurricane threat but fortunately full evacuation was not necessary.

This SOFEC external turret mooring system is ABS classed.

General Description
Location: Canterell Field, Bay of Campeche, Mexico
Client Name: PEMEX Exploration and Production
Contract Awarded: June  1997
Installation Date: June 1998
Water Depth: 75m (246ft)
Tanker Size: 357,000 dwt
First Oil: August 1998
Vessel Type: MODEC Converted FSO
Storage Capacity: 2,300,000 bbls
Fabrication: Turret - Singapore
Vessel Conversion - Singapore
Region: Americas
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