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Marine Terminals - SALM Buoys

Tembungo SALM - Malaysia

The Tembungo terminal was the flagship of SOFEC's SALMs. Installed in 1974, the terminal operated continuously through the late 1980s. Located offshore Sabah, the Tembungo SALM is a riser type deep-water soft mooring unit. It is SOFEC's first deep-water storage terminal and has achieved operational efficiency rates as high as 99.4% on an annual basis, with 95% average.

A major factor in the high utilization of the terminal has been the very low level of maintenance required on the SALM components. When initially installed, Tembungo was the world's deepest SPM of any type in the world.

SOFEC performed all structural and mechanical design including the articulated column, tension leg buoy and a floating, controlled ballast gravity base which is anchored to the seafloor with 2,000-tons of crushed grade granite. Other major mechanical items include a 40-ton hydraulic latched universal joint (one of three in the system), a 900-ton capacity chain swivel and a piggable 10-in. fluid swivel.

General Description
Location: Offshore Sabah, Malaysia
Client Name: Petronas Carigali / Esso Production Malaysia Inc. (EPMI)
Contract Awarded: June  1972
Installation Date: 1974
Application: Crude Oil Storage
Water Depth: 90m (295ft)
Tanker Size: 94,000 dwt
Region: Asia Pacific
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