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Marine Terminals - SALM Buoys

LOOP #102, #103, #104 SALMs - Louisiana USA

SOFEC designed, constructed, and supervised installation of the SPM #102, SPM #103 and SPM #104 SALMs for unloading tankers up to the ULCC for the first domestic deep-water "superport".

The Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) was the first deepwater 35m import facility in the United States and the first application of SPM technology for crude oil import in the United States.

The three SOFEC SALM terminals were designed and fabricated to safely moor and unload up to 700,000 dwt tankers. The LOOP facility allows fully loaded tankers to unload crude oil directly into underground storage then connected to a major pipeline system supplying over 25% of the total U.S. refining capacity. Tanker offloading rates are 110,000 BPH. The LOOP SALMs are designed to withstand a hurricane survival wave of 21.3m in conjunction with winds of 143.3 knots. Numerous hurricanes have swept across the LOOP facility with no damage to the facilities.

Ashland Oil, Marathon Pipeline Co., Murphy Oil Corporation, Shell Oil Company and Texaco established LOOP in 1978 and 1979 to import crude oil into the USA via ULCC's due to the lack of deepwater ports.

General Description
Location: Gulf of Mexico, United States of America
Client Name: Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) Inc.
Contract Awarded: June  1978
Installation Date: 1980
Application: Crude Oil Import
Water Depth: 35m (114ft)
Tanker Size: 700,000 dwt
Region: Americas
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