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Marine Terminals - SALM Buoys

Ju' Aymah #34 & #35 CALMs - Saudi Arabia

SOFEC designed, constructed, and supervised installation of two SPMs for 750,000 dwt tanker (ULCC's).

Designed and fabricated by SOFEC for ARAMCO in 1975, the Ju'Aymah #34 and #35 SALMs are among the largest export SPMs in the world.

SOFEC conducted extensive model testing and determined mooring forces and system motions. SOFEC performed all geotechnical evaluation and designed the submerged, pile anchored foundations (mooring bases). SOFEC also performed all structural and mechanical design, which included huge fluid swivels designed for flowrates of 210,000 BPH of crude oil simultaneously with 20,000 BPH of bunker fuel oil.

Each SALM system incorporates a fully segregated dual product fluid swivel capable of 300,000 BPH crude oil simultaneous with 5,000 BPH bunker fuel oil. Actual crude throughput of 120,000 BPH is limited by the 24-in. maximum marine hose size. Even with the variety of crude oil passed through the system, these SPMs have loaded out over 1,000,000,000 bbls before any maintenance was required.

General Description
Location: Ju' Aymah, Saudi Arabia
Client Name: Arabian American Oil Co. (ARAMCO)
Contract Awarded: June  1975
Installation Date: 1976
Application: Crude and Bunker Oil Export
Water Depth: 36m (117ft) / 40m (130ft)
Tanker Size: 750,000 dwt
Region: Middle East
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