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Marine Terminals - SALM Buoys


SOFEC designed, constructed,and supervised installation of a second SALM terminal for strategic crude oil storage facility.

The FOSCO terminal is a SALM system for crude oil import located approximately two miles off the coast of Japan's Hansker Island near Fukui. The buoy is anchored to a pile- type mooring base with a single constantly tensioned 6-in. chain anchor leg. The chain leg assembly is isolated between universal joints at the lower end of the buoy and atop the fluid swivel. Two floating mooring hawsers are attached to quick release mooring couplers on the buoy. The project was undertaken and successfully completed ahead of schedule as a joint effort of SOFEC and MODEC. Fukui is the second stockpile base to be built as part of Japan's strategic oil storage facilities.

General Description
Location: Fukui, Japan
Client Name: Japanese National Oil Corp. (JNOC)
Contract Awarded: June  1983
Installation Date: 1984
Application: Crude Oil Storage
Water Depth: 45m (149ft)
Tanker Size: 350,000 dwt
Region: Asia Pacific
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