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Marine Terminals - SALM Buoys

DDCS SALM - Denmark

SOFEC designed, constructed, and supervised installation of a SALM to operate in ice-laden water to import fuel, diesel and Mogas.

This SPM system is installed to supply the pipeline system in Jutland and replaced a former CBM.

This terminal is very well adapted to winter sea and ice conditions found in this location. The principle products are MOGAS and jet fuel.

The DDCS mooring terminal is a shallow water dual product import SALM. There are two unique features of this SOFEC SALM:
It is located in 15.2m of water making it one of the shallowest SALMs in the world
It employs a dual sink/float 10-in. hose system. The hose design allows the floating hoses to be submerged and secured on the seabed when not in use.
General Description
Location: Fredrickshavn, Denmark
Client Name: Danish Defense Construction Service (DDCS)
Contract Awarded: June  1982
Installation Date: 1983
Application: Jet Fuel, Diesel and Mogas Import
Water Depth: 15m (50ft)
Tanker Size: 35,000 dwt
Region: Europe
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