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Marine Terminals - SALM Buoys

Bataan SALM - Philippines

SOFEC designed, fabricated, and installed a SALM terminal in Manila. SOFEC determined all mooring forces due to wind, waves, and current as well as performed all geotechnical evaluation and designed a towable, controlled ballast subsea foundation anchored by a combination of piles and gravity using high- density (barite) material.

SOFEC replaced the Mobil Oil Company CBM terminal with an 110,000 BPH SALM when refinery requirements exceeded the capabilities of the CBM. The Bataan SALM system was designed to moor up to 300,000 dwt tankers and sustain typhoon survival winds of more than 120 mph with a 5 knot current. The terminal was installed without the use of any heavy lift equipment using floatation built into the base, which was towed to location, flooded, and then anchored to the sea floor using a combination of piles and high-density ballast.

General Description
Location: Luzan Island, Philippines
Client Name: Philippines National Oil Corp. (PNOC) / Bataan Refining Corp.
Contract Awarded: June  1979
Installation Date: 1980
Application: Crude Oil Import
Water Depth: 29m (94ft)
Tanker Size: 300,000 dwt
Region: Asia Pacific
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