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Marine Terminals - CALM Buoys


SOFEC supplied a 12.5m diameter CALM buoy from its stock buoy program to replace a non-SOFEC buoy that had experienced premature failure in service.

When Cairn Energy India experienced a catastrophic failure of a competitor's buoy, SOFEC was awarded the task of replacing the buoy. Located in 25m water depth, the CALM buoy accommodates 120,000 dwt tankers. SOFEC's buoy serves to export oil production from Cairn Energy's RAVVA Field off the East Coast of India.

Using specially engineered excursion limiters, SOFEC successfully fitted its CALM system to the existing six-leg anchor chains.

General Description
Location: RAVVA Field, India
Client Name: Cairn Energy India Pty. Ltd.
Contract Awarded: October  1998
Installation Date: November 1998
Application: Crude Oil Export
Water Depth: 25m (82ft)
Tanker Size: 120,000 dwt
Region: Asia Pacific
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