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Marine Terminals - CALM Buoys

Mina al Ahmadi 1 and 2 CALMs - Kuwait

SOFEC redesigned the existing CALM buoy piping systems and upgraded the design pressure rating of the two Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) CALM Buoys. The buoys were upgraded for continued service to accommodate the world's largest supertankers.

Each unit is equipped with a sophisticated SCADA system for remote monitoring and control. The floating hose system consists of two 24-in. lines each with twin 16-in. tail hoses and a 12-in. bunker line.

General Description
Location: Mina al Ahmadi, Kuwait
Client Name: HHI / Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)
Contract Awarded: April  2006
Installation Date: August 2008
Application: Crude Oil Export and Bunkering
Water Depth: 31m (100ft)
Tanker Size: Up to 456,000 dwt
Region: Middle East
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