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Marine Terminals - CALM Buoys

Hazira CALM - India

SOFEC designed and constructed a CALM terminal for LPG and NGL service. The SOFEC CALM is equipped with a 300 lb. class swivel and product piping with 16-in. and 10-in. circuits for LPG and NGL respectively.

Included in the scope of design and supply is a complex PLEM with three bays for individual 36-in., 24-in., and 18-in. piping manifolds which are mounted on a frame attached to the sea floor. Each bay will accommodate a pig launcher/receiver and branches for underbuoy hose connect.

General Description
Location: Surat, India
Client Name: Oil & Natural Gas Commission (ONGC)
Contract Awarded: June  1989
Installation Date: April 1990
Application: LPG / NGL Import / Export
Water Depth: 29.4m (96.3ft)
Tanker Size: 50,000 dwt
Region: Asia Pacific
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