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Marine Terminals - CALM Buoys

Dangote CALM Buoys SPM-P1 - SPM-P2 - SPM-P3

SOFEC was responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction of five (5) CALM Buoys and associated anchor chain legs, PLEMs, piles, hoses, mooring hawsers, and all ancillaries in accordance with Oil Companies International Maine Forum (OCIMF) Guidelines. The project was executed primarily by SOFEC's Singapore team with support from the Houston office. Delivery is scheduled for Q1 2018. These three (3) Multi-Product CALM Buoys are capable of transferring up to 25,000 BPH of segregated refined products to calling tankers of up to 160,000 DWT. They will be used to export ethanol, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and kerosene. Each of the export product lines on these multi-product buoys will be dedicated to a single type of product. Two of the product buoys will be installed in a water depth of 22m and the third product buoy in 24m. All buoys are configured in a symmetric 6 leg mooring arrangement, with each terminated with driven anchor piles. The buoys are classed by American Bureau of Shipping and were constructed in SE Asia.
General Description
Location: Port of Lekki, Nigeria
Client Name: Dangote Petroleum
Contract Awarded: August  2016
Installation Date: Planned for Q2 2018
Application: Export Ethanol, Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel and Kerosene
Water Depth: SPM-P1 & P3: 22m (72ft) SPM-2: 24m (79ft)
Tanker Size: 160,000 dwt
Region: Africa
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