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Marine Terminals - CALM Buoys

CPC Ta Lin Pu #4 CALM - Taiwan

SOFEC designed and constructed the complete CALM terminal with a dual product swivel for the Talinpu Refinery at Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The contract included the PLEM for two 34-in. subsea pipelines. The 12.5m diameter CALM is anchored to the seafloor by six 3.5-in. chain legs and 12mt "Stevpris" high capacity drag anchors. The system is equipped with dual 20-in. hoses for diesel, gasoil and naphtha.

This CALM was the second buoy designed and built by SOFEC for the Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC). The CALM system is designed to moor 100,000 dwt tankers. It has a dual product swivel used to import naphtha, diesel, and gasoil. The underbuoy hoses are arranged in a Chinese Lantern configuration. Both systems are designed to survive extreme typhoon conditions.

General Description
Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Client Name: Chinese Petroleum Corp. (CPC)
Contract Awarded: June  1991
Installation Date: May 1992
Application: Diesel, Gasoline and Naphtha Import
Water Depth: 26m (85ft)
Tanker Size: 100,000 dwt
Region: Asia Pacific
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