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Marine Terminals - CALM Buoys

Butinge CALM - Lithuania

SOFEC designed and constructed a CALM system to accommodate a 96,920 dwt tanker for operation in a cold weather environment.

This SOFEC CALM system was designed and constructed to load and lift crude oil from tankers through the Butinge Terminal. It is located approximately 7.3km offshore in the Baltic Sea near the northern border of Latvia in 20m water depth. The system features SOFEC's 12.5m diameter, 12-compartment buoy, with special considerations for the cold weather and ice conditions. The CALM is provided with a PLEM to transition from the submarine pipeline to each of the two loading hoses. Crude transfer is through a 36-in. pipeline.

General Description
Location: Butinge Terminal, Lithuania
Client Name: Butinge NAFTA
Contract Awarded: November  1997
Installation Date: November 1998
Application: Crude Oil, Gas Product, Kerosene Import / Export
Water Depth: 20m (66ft)
Tanker Size: 35,000 - 80,000 dwt
Region: Europe
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