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Marine Terminals - CALM Buoys

Barber's Point (Tesoro) CALM - Hawaii, USA

SOFEC will design, construct and install a CALM terminal for crude oil, bunker fuel, gasoil, kerosene and gasoline and fuel oil. This unique SOFEC CALM buoy is designed with a three-product swivel, which incorporates a crude oil circuit, a white product circuit, and an export sales circuit.

This SPM is an import CALM Buoy serving the Tesoro Kapolei Refinery. The SPM is located 2.5km offshore from Barber's Point. This SPM replaces an existing 8-point spread mooring system and was installed into the existing anchor chain spread. The installation of the new unit into theold mooring pattern will be achieved by removing 2 of the existing 8 anchor legs, lengthening the remaining 6 legs and installing an auxiliary gravity anchored PLEM.

General Description
Location: Barber's Point, Hawaii, USA
Client Name: Tesoro Hawaiian Corporation
Contract Awarded: September  2011
Installation Date: Planned for 2012
Application: Three Product - Crude, Bunker and White Oil Productc
Water Depth: 31m (100ft)
Tanker Size: 150,000 dwt
Region: Americas
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