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Marine Terminals - CALM Buoys

ADMA OPCO CALM - United Arab Emirate

SOFEC designed, constructed, and installed a CALM terminal for crude oil exports at the Tanker Berth No. 3, Das Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

This single product CALM is installed in 31m water depth. The ADMA-OPCO CALM features a double hull design that eliminates potential repair problems associated with foam filled compart-ments. Six 3.75-in. chain legs anchor the 12.5m diameter CALM.

The fluid swivel incorporates an electrical swivel, which relays SCADA signals to the internal accumulator powered hydraulic valve control system that permits the PLEM valves to be remotely operated. The CALM is equipped with a load monitoring system and dual 20-in. double carcass hoses.

General Description
Location: Das Island, United Arab Emirates
Client Name: Abu Dhabi Marine Co. (ADMA OPCO)
Contract Awarded: November  1990
Installation Date: August 1991
Application: Diesel, Gaoline and Naphtha Import
Water Depth: 28m (92ft)
Tanker Size: 500,000 dwt
Region: Middle East
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